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Anyone tried PROVENANCE Dark Spot Cream?

Yes, Provenance have quite a lot of customers

This is quite an effective cream for dark spots, you can try this along with other products or on its own.



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Provenance Dark Spots Cream Review


+Pros: This cream comes in a 60ml container and is very good value for money. The cream does leave the skin feel moisturised. It also helps to conceal dark uneven marks.

-Cons: The product does not offer any money back guarantees. Some people have reported that it made their skin feel more dry after they stopped using the product. it does not deliver as a skin lightener or dark mark remover, however it does help conceal temporarily.

Customer Experience: Very good value for money for 60ml container. It lasts for over 2 months, which is pretty good. However the only disappointment I got was that my skin became flaky and too dry when I did not use the product.

Provenance Dark Spots Cream 60ml

Price: £15.00

Where to find it: Express Chemist

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